Guitar, Bass & Ukulele Lessons in Bristol

Treblerock offers many levels of tuition from the beginner to the more advanced player. So if your a first timer who would like a course of lessons or a seasoned guitarist who wants to learn how to create a one off or professional sound please give us a call. We will be happy to help.

Basic:- First time guitarists.

Lessons in basic guitar theory may be purchased individually or as a whole course. Individual lessons are priced at £20 per 30-minute session. We try to strike a balance between the must-learn technical stuff and the fun stuff to maintain your enthusiasm. This is a must for our younger students, as we believe learning any instrument should be both fun and rewarding.

Intermediate:- Iron out those bad habits.

If you have been playing for some time but want to iron out those bad habits or maybe advance your music theory, lessons at an intermediate level will prove very beneficial. Perhaps you have been happy to strum along for years and now want to learn some lead licks, riffs and turnarounds – lessons of this nature are the perfect way to re-ignite your passion for all things guitar.

Advanced:- Learn a new style.

If you are a seasoned guitarist who struggles with some aspect of your playing, we can arrange a tutor to assist you in solving your problems. Maybe you are unfamiliar with a particular style and just need some pointers. Either way, we can help with any music genre or technique required.

Guitar & Amp Setup :- Achieve that sound you have been looking for.

Many guitarists struggle for years to get the right sound. Not necessarily an issue with their playing but more a problem setting up with the right gear. Steve is a master at achieving that perfect guitar/amp setup. If you need the tone of your favorite music style or guitarist we can help. Treblerock keeps a huge stock of guitars and amplifiers which can be demonstrated to produce the sound you require. Alternatively bring your rig along and Steve will demonstrate what can be done. Either way we will suggest an effect or setup to achieve you goal. You may find this is the best £20 you will ever spend.

Lesson overview

  • We can offer tuition for the following techniques and grades:
  • Rockschool electric guitar grades
  • RGT acoustic guitar grades
  • ABRSM classical guitar grades
  • Fingerstyle/hybrid/sweep picking
  • Two-handed tapping, and other advanced techniques
  • Music theory tuition (contemporary or classical)
  • Improvisation
  • Sight reading (TAB or notation)
Ukulele Tuition

Ukulele is now the most popular instrument taught in schools today.

Due to its size, tuning and chord shape requirement, it makes the perfect first instrument.

It is also the obvious stepping stone to regular guitar playing, and is suitable for all age groups.

We offer one to one tuition in ukulele, from complete beginner to advanced strumming techniques, chord substitution and alternative tunings.

Bass Tuition

We can offer versatile bass guitar instruction from the beginner to the advanced player. With our experienced staff on hand we can advise first-time players on choosing their instrument, grasping the rudiments of playing and learning their first songs. From here we can introduce more advanced techniques such as slapping, popping, walking and grooving to each individual’s taste.

We also offer our amp setup service for bass guitarists – half an hour spent with a seasoned musician working on the tone of your amplifier can be worth years of experience.