Repairs & Service


We offer a full guitar and amplifier repair and maintenance service at very reasonable prices, our specialist servicing includes full guitar setup, custom preperation. Everything from a simple restring to a complete overhaul can be catered for.

Amp and FX repairs

We are able to offer a full repair service for amplifiers, FX pedals and units, and most music related electrical items.
We believe we are very competitive with our pricing and aim to turn around repairs within one week, parts permitting.
An express repair service is also available but generally incurs an excess charge.
Equipment that no longer works properly, if at all, is a waste of space and frustrating.
A little TLC from our amp guru can coax your favourite boogie box back to its former sonic glory, without breaking the bank!

Guitar repairs and set ups.

A properly set up instrument is both inspiring and pleasurable to play. In our eyes, a fully set up guitar or bass is the only option and we encourage our customers to utilize the guitar set up facility we have within our premises.

From a basic restring through to a full fret levelling and reprofile, we can offer this service from within the store. Headstock repairs and damaged necks and bodies are also within our remit so don’t fret if your pride and joy becomes a broken casualty. Repairs can be practicle through to invisible, and we will discuss your requirements when you book your baby in with us!

For more information drop us a line with your requirements or pop into the shop located in Clifton, Bristol for a chat.

Guitar Restring

Over time strings on both acoustic and electric guitars get tired and worn, they will lose there “brightness” often show signs of corrosion or begin to snap, you may find it hard to keep the guitar in tune. These are all signs to replace the strings. Though this is not a complicated task it can be frustrating and time consuming, often customers receive conflicting information on the best way to string a guitar. Here in store we offer a fantastic range of strings for guitars, bass and uke’s and offer a very quick turnaround on restringing.

Simply pop in to our shop with your instrument and select a set of strings, we can help you choose if you are not sure, leave it with us and collect it the next day.

We stock strings from all the major manufacturers.

Guitar Setup

Guitars, generally, are made of wood and wood is constantly changing. Wood changes with time as well as temperature and humidity. Put simply, the guitar you buy today won’t sound the same as it will 20 years from now. With regular maintenance, it will sound and play considerably better. Having your guitar routinely setup protects your investment in the future.

All guitars should get a setup at purchase and regularly throughout the life of the guitar. Many instruments are purposefully made with a lot room for adjustment which makes it play a little awkward “out-of-the-box,” because each player is different and will have different performance needs. Most experienced guitar players want to get their new instruments setup to suit their playing style.

When you have your guitar setup, a repair technician will examine your instrument and adjust the neck and the string height, paying close attention to the condition of the nut and the saddle. Also the frets will be polished, the truss rod adjusted and the intonation setup to enable the action to be lowered. Electric guitars will also benefit from the connections being checked and cleaned as required.

In addition to this we can offer further setup enhancement to include fret dressing and reprofiling.

The adjustments are made within tolerances that are widely accepted and agreed upon by the guitar building and repair industry.

A properly set up instrument is both inspiring and pleasurable to play.

In our eyes, a fully set up guitar or bass is the only option and we encourage our customers to utilise the guitar set up facility we have within our premises.


Having owned this guitar for many years it was time for a service, within a week I had it back and it was like new, in fact it played better than ever before, the setup & service was fantastic.
Steve Hill
Fender Telecaster
My trusty Fender Twin had started to crackle quite a bit when gigging, it sounded like something was loose, I took it to the shop in Bristol and collected a few days letter, they had serviced the amp, replaced the jack plug and even cleaned it for me! Fantastic service.
Richard Jones
Fender '65 Twin